Holiday Gift Guide for Home Security

Holiday Gift Guide for Home Security One of the most exciting aspects of the holiday season is the opportunity to give and receive thoughtful gifts from loved ones. But, after years of exchanging presents you may be coming up short on ideas for this year. In lieu of standard stocking stuffers, consider gifting your close friends and relatives the gift of home security! Check out our home security holiday gift guide and help protect the ones you love in the coming year.

Light timers

This particular gift works two fold. One, they create a lovely ambiance if placed correctly around the home. Two, lights in and around the home do wonders for warding off would be trespassers. Light timers can be for both indoor and outdoor use. Set lamps and other indoor lighting as well as porch and outdoor lights to come on automatically for an effortless security feature. Light timers are a basic and fundamental safety feature everyone should consider in their homes, especially over the holidays.

Personal safe

A gift that can be used for years to come is a personal safe to keep your valuables secure. Regardless of all the precautions taken, there’s still a chance someone could make it into your home looking to do some damage. If that happens, having a safe can keep the items you cherish out of harm’s way. Best used to store small valuables or important documentation such as passports and birth certificates, a safe is a practical gift ensuring your loved ones can sleep more soundly.

Key finder

Misplacing keys and other important items can cause a huge disturbance in our daily lives. Why not help stave off this frustrating experience for a loved one by purchasing a key finder this holiday season? The most popular key finders sync to apps on your smartphone allowing you to easily track down your missing items. There are different types of key finders but all serve the same purpose, to keep you from losing your belongings and your mind!

Home security systems

You don’t have to invest in a high-tech security system for someone else’s home to make a huge impact on their overall security. Plenty of security devices act as a means to protect and alert you against unwanted visitors without the heavy monthly dues associated with traditional home security services. For instance, purchasing a doorbell equipped with a security camera, like the Ring Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell, allows the homeowner to see who’s at the door without even having to be home! Or, home security cameras like the Nest Cam with night vision options can be setup around the perimeter of the home providing a 360 view of the entire property.

Smartphone enabled locks

If you’ve ever been locked out of your house you know just how infuriating the experience can be. But, having a smartphone enabled lock can quickly solve this issue and more. The August Smart Lock is one such product which not only allows you to open your doors remotely via Bluetooth technology but also helps you grant access to other individuals for a set period of time. This is especially helpful if you have out of town relative staying who need regular access to your home or for anyone else, like babysitters or handymen, who need temporary admittance to your place.

Any of these security gadgets would make the perfect gift for your loved ones this season. Looking for installation help or more information on home security measures? Contact Kenny’s Lock!

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