Master Key Systems

What is a master key?

A master key system enables various persons with different access authorizations to open all relevant doors with only one key.

Advantages of a Master Key

  • Security with only a few keys.
  • Comfort, since there is only one key for all relevant doors.
  • Organization is simplified.
  • You can exactly determine, which persons have access to which rooms.
  • All cylinder locks and types (main entrance, internal doors, garage doors…) can be opened with one key.

Example of a Master Key System for a building with two offices

  • General Master Key opens all doors (e.g. for security guard).
  • Master Key 1 opens all doors for Messrs. Smith (e.g. for Director Smith).
  • Submaster Key 1 opens the main entrance and all adjoining rooms (lavatory, kitchen, store room, …)
  • Submaster Key 2 opens main entrance, adjoining rooms and all secretary doors (e.g. key for secretary of director Smith)
  • Master Key 2 opens all doors for Messrs. Berger. 
  • Submaster Key 1 opens only the doors of the purchasing and sales area, the main entrance and adjoining doors (e.g. key for all commercial clerks).
  • Submaster Key 2 opens main entrance, adjoining rooms and secretary doors (key for secretary of Messrs. Berger.