Automatic Door Openers

Commercial Doors — Door Operators and Handicap Door Openers

Door operators serve many purposes for businesses in the greater Boston area such as those in Dorchester and Revere. The benefits including; safety, convenience, and compliance. The correct type of door opener helps your business, provides convenience for your employees and customers. So which type of commercial door opener is right for your company? Let’s explore your options.

Commercial Door Operators — Door Operators: doors open and close doors via push button switch or by a wireless transmitter such as from a security desk. These doors swing inwards or outwards and both styles offer a wide range of benefits for most commercial institutions.

For more information about which type of commercial door is right for your business, just reach out to Kenny’s Lock Inc. and our professional team can help you pick the best door operator for your business.

We Work with Top Manufacturers

Kenny’s Lock Inc installs the following brand of commercial door openers:

  • LCN — An industry leader for commercial door closers and for commercial door hardware. 
  • RECORD — RECORD sets the standard for commercial doors with full door openers and their designs offer esthetics and safety while providing convenience to your customers and employees. 
  • NORTON — An Industry leader for commercial door hardware including closures. Norton has been in business since 1880.

We work with these brands specifically because they produce consistent quality and expertly crafted doors, hardware, and technology for businesses throughout the greater Boston area including our Dorchester and Revere commercial clients.

Why Choose Kenny’s Locks Inc.?

  • One Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty for all products 
  • One Year Full Warranty from Kenny’s Locks Inc for Installation and Labor. 
  • All Employees Screened — All employees of undergo criminal background checks 
  • Government Jobs — We work with governmental contracts that require FBI and DEA background checks. 
  • Quality Installation — Kenny’s Locks Inc. is an AAADM authorized installer for commercial doors openers – AAADM is a nationally recognized organization for installers. Your commercial door will always be installed by an AAADM certified installer.

Why Do Commercial Businesses Need Door Openers?

The exact reasons vary from one business to another. Most businesses install door operators to provide convenience to their customers. Commercial doors openers provide an esthetic that consumers can identify with a business. Imagine the inconvenience that customers shopping for groceries would encounter if they had to tug open the doors while pushing a baby stroller of if they had their hands full.

It is not just logic; consumers have weighed in on what they prefer too.

  • A recent survey of customers showed that a significant majority (98.8 percent) want door operators rather than manual doors. 
  • Participants in research studies identified that door operators were most important for business such as hospitals, airports, hotels/motels, shopping mall entrances, and retail stores. 
  • Three businesses that should install door operators, per the survey, are shopping malls, hotels, and the post office. There are businesses where you sometimes find door operators, but not always. 
  • Parents and caregivers prefer door operators because the convenience removes an aggravation that either or must struggle with just to gain entry to a building. The positive is that consumers relate door operators with a business’s level of care about their customers. Door operators are especially important because they show good customer service and provide access for the elderly, handicapped and those with children in tow. 
  • Convenience — Consumers like that doors open without having to pull them. This was specific to shoppers whose hands were full with packages, children, and luggage.

Applications for Door Openers Are as Follows

  • Handicap access – Helps to help businesses comply with ADA requirements, improves access so patrons with limited mobility can still shop or enter without special assistance. 
  • Manual opening with push button door operators – Conserves energy, provides convenience and added security. 
  • Large multi-door systems, integrated or standalone – For large commercial applications such as airports, government buildings, and malls.

Feature of the Operators include

  • Power opening plus full door control — Allows you to control the easy-of-entrance, especially during power failures and security situations. 
  • The opening force is adjustable — Perfect for businesses that want to allow entrance but at a metered pace such as at concert venues, etc. 
  • Closing power is adjustable — Allows you to set the closing time to cater to your patrons. 
  • Manual opening force requirements of the ADA are met — Helps you comply with the ADA requirements. 
  • Separate adjustment of the latch and general closing speed — Improved safety and convenience, especially if your customer population has limited mobility, uses wheelchairs, or scooters. 
  • Compatible with most safety and security systems — Integrates with what you already have which makes this a limited expenditure rather than a capital purchase.

Professional door operators for businesses are what consumers want. Storefront doors with a door opener provide ease of entrance, especially to customers who are already struggling with children, shopping bags, or luggage. Whether you choose a door that slides or one that opens outwards, you gain customer satisfaction. For more information about door operators for businesses, just contact Kenny’s Locks Inc. and our professional team will gladly answer your questions, or schedule a walkthrough so that we can provide you with a personalized quote specific to your business.