Safety First: The 5 Best Door Locks for Home Security


Burglary is serious business and a threat in today’s society. In fact, in the United States, a burglary takes place every 18 seconds, according to studies. 

By taking the time to protect your home, you will be better able to keep your home, family, and property safe. Since there are so many ways to protect your household, you need to do your research and buy the products that will help.  

First things first, make sure that you buy the best door locks on the market. With this in mind, follow these strategies and contact a home professional that can look out for you. 

1. Baldwin Prestige 380

When you are looking for the best door locks, you can’t go wrong with a solid deadbolt. By using the Baldwin Prestige 380, you can have the best security measures installed. 

This lock consists of plated brass and is incredibly durable. It has a heavy gauge key, which means you are getting the utmost in security and getting your money’s worth. 

2. August Smart Lock AUG-HK

A lot of homeowner’s today are looking into smart locks thanks to the advancements in technology. When it comes to smart locks, this August model is a bonafide game changer.  

It may take some adjustments to get used to not having a key to get into your home, but you will get used to it once you see the level of security and performance that you get from this. Instead, you will unlock it via an app on your phone. 

Best of all, you can unlock it from anywhere in the world. Get used to this lock, because it’s going to become the norm.  

3. Kwikset deadbolt

This is another excellent deadbolt lock offering that will give you the substantial security that you need. With this lock, you won’t need to worry about your home being easily compromised. 

You can get a key cut that will assist you in making your locks as durable as they can be. 

4. Weiser Lock Powerbolt 3000

Not only is this lock an incredible investment in your home, but it is also a push forward in technology. 

When you buy it and install it, you are able to use a remote control to get into your home as opposed to a typical key. This lock gets high marks from reviewers, and for good reason. 

5. Schlage Sense

This lock is inexpensive but incredibly helpful when it comes to securing your home. 

You can get in and out by punching in a code as opposed to using a key. It comes with Bluetooth technology, which makes it a cutting-edge offering on the market. 

Investing in smart locks gives you the best chance to secure your household today. 

Buy the Best Door Locks

When you are looking into keeping your household safe and secure, it’s all about buying the best door locks. 

Consider these tips so that you get what you need out of the process. Touch base with our locksmith company if you want to learn more. 

How Often Should You Change Your Locks?


How often should you change your locks?

When was the last time you replaced your door locks?

If the answer to that question is “never” or “I can’t remember”, you are definitely not alone. But you could be taking unnecessary risks with your home security.

There are estimated to be 2 million house burglaries reported in the US each year. While you might think you live in a safe neighborhood, these statistics show that everyone is vulnerable to house burglaries.

So when should you change your locks? Read this short guide to find out the best times to get new locks.

Moving to a New House

When you move home, it can be a really busy and stressful time. There is always so much to do and loads of decisions to make, and it may not occur to you to think about changing the locks.

But do you really know who else has they keys to your new home? Contractors, real estate agents, and construction workers could have been given keys to your house.

If the house is not new, then you have no way of knowing whether all the previous occupants surrendered their keys. There could be literally dozens of people who own keys to your house. Which is quite a sobering thought.

The only way to have complete faith that only you and your family have access to your home, is to change the door locks.

Wear and Tear to Door Locks

Using the same door locks and door knobs over the course of a number of years is inevitably going to cause some wear and tear.

Every piece of equipment with moving parts at some point wears out. You may not actually know how old the locks are in your home or business, but if they are starting to wear out, they may not be as reliable as you think.

After a Break-In

If you have been unfortunate enough to have been the victim of a house break-in then after the chaos has died down, you really need to change the locks.

Even if the burglary was unsuccessful, a botched break-in may have resulted in the locks being damaged in a way that is not obvious to look at.

Has Someone Lost Their Keys?

If you, one of your family, or a roommate has lost their keys, you don’t know whose hands they might have fallen in to.

To avoid any doubt and to guarantee the security of your home, if a set of keys has been lost or gone missing you should change the locks.

Safety First

These are just some of the circumstances in which you should change your door locks.

The key message is – if you are not sure, change the locks!

Any time is a good time to think about renewing or upgrading the locks in your home. Electronic door locks and smart door locks are an also an advanced way to make sure your home is as secure as it can be.

So if you are considering changing your locks, contact us today.

How Safe Is My Neighborhood? 4 Ways to Keep Your Tenants Safe



As Americans, we talk a lot about crime rates and neighborhood safety.

The good news is that–as a whole–crime rates around the country have dropped significantly since the 1990s. Even the most crime-ridden cities have seen a marked decrease in the number of violent crimes.

While these statistics sound good, you might still be left wondering, “How safe is my neighborhood?” How can you be sure that the area you’re moving to is safe for you and your family?

In this post, we’ll reveal how to tell if a neighborhood is safe–and what residents can do to make it even safer.

1. Stay Informed

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, it never hurts to stay on top of what’s happening in the neighborhood. is a useful site that pinpoints specific crimes in your community. You should also check with the National Sex Offender Public Registry to see if there are any offenders living in your neighborhood.

You might also check with the local police department or community center to see if they’ve noticed any trends in neighborhood crime. Have there been any recent reports of car theft, burglaries, or vandalism?

The more you know, the better prepared you’ll be.

2. Install Security Features

If you rent out properties to tenants, there are numerous things you can do to make them safer.

  • Encourage tenants to keep their doors and windows locked.
  • Install a home security system in every unit.
  • Install motion sensor lights around the property.
  • Keep trees and bushes neatly trimmed and maintained.
  • Immediately repair any faulty or damaged doors and windows.

By keeping your properties in prime condition and adding a few security features, you can do a lot to keep your tenant safe.

3. Start a Neighborhood Watch

Want an efficient and inexpensive way to make your neighborhood safer? Start a neighborhood watch!

Host a meeting to gauge community interest, including local law enforcement. In addition to putting up signs around the community, you might also suggest:

  • Assigning “window watchers” around the neighborhood.
  • Translating crime and drug prevention materials into locally spoken languages.
  • Sponsoring “clean up” days for abandoned or overgrown lots.

By getting everyone in the community involved, you can work together to make the neighborhood a safer place.

4. Replace the Locks

A final way to improve the safety of your residence or business is to regularly change the locks.

Check the landlord-tenant laws in your state to see what’s required when new tenants move in. If the deadbolt or door lock experienced any damage before they moved in, you’re responsible for replacing the lock.

Although you may not be thrilled at the added expense, it’s in everyone’s best interests. A professional locksmith can advise you on your best options for changing or rekeying locks on your property.

How Safe Is My Neighborhood?

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes.

Rather than sitting there and asking, “How safe is my neighborhood?”, take these steps to make it safer for everyone.

Our blog is filled with more helpful tips for improving the safety of your home, business, or neighborhood.

If you need the services of a professional locksmith, don’t hesitate to contact us today.  

How Locksmith Services Can Improve Your Home Locking Systems



Locksmith Services: Improve Your Home Locking Systems

Improving your home locking systems is important if you want to upgrade your security. Here is how professional locksmith services can help with that. 

Every year, an estimated 3.7 million home burglaries occur across the United States. A faulty lock on one of your home’s exterior doors could provide a potential entryway to would-be burglars.

Luckily, there are options for homeowners who want to enhance their home security. Let’s take a look at how locksmith services can improve the locking systems in your home.

Replace Low-Security Locks

If you walk into just about any hardware store, you will find plenty of locks that you can install on your home’s doors. Some folks may wonder why they would need to hire a locksmith if they could simply buy the tools and complete the jobs themselves.

Traditional Locks

The problem with locks from hardware stores is that these are usually pin and tumbler locks. In most cases, a potential burglar could easily get past these low-security locks with a bump key. A bump key is a key that is specially designed to pick traditional locks.

If you bought your home recently, it’s likely that your home’s locks are pin and tumbler style. By hiring a locksmith, you can have these locks changed out for a higher security option.

High-Security Locks

When you work with a locksmith, they will have a variety of lock options at different levels of security. This way, you can choose which locking mechanism is best for your home.

Furthermore, high-security locks are immediately recognizable, as they look different than traditional pin and tumbler locks. When a potential criminal notices that you have a high-security lock, they will be immediately dissuaded from attempting a break-in. Simply put, burglars prefer to choose homes that are easier targets.

Double Cylinder Locks

For convenience, many homeowners have a deadbolt that locks with a key from the outside and locks with a thumb knob from the inside. While you might think this makes life easier for you, it could also make life easier for potential burglars.

For instance, so your door has a window in it. If your deadbolt only has a thumb knob on the inside, then a burglar could simply break out the glass in the window, stick their hand through, and unlock the door.

A much better option is a double cylinder deadbolt. These deadbolts require a key to open from both the inside and the outside. This adds an extra layer of security.

Address Faulty Installation

If your deadbolts were installed by an amateur, you run the risk that they were installed incorrectly. A faulty installation can make it easier for burglars to compromise your lock. By contrast, a locksmith will know how to ensure that the lock has been installed correctly and securely.

Get the Locksmith Services You Need Today

With these advantages in mind, it’s easy to see how locksmith services can improve the locking solutions in your home. This will make you, your family, and your property more secure.

If you need a locksmith, contact us. Our experts will work with you to identify the services you need to make your home secure.

Apartment Intercom Options To Consider

Technology continues to afford us more and more options around our ability to communicate safely and comfortably from inside an apartment. Whether we live in a small place or large, live alone or with a family or friends, we all have some level of interest and need around our ability to communicate from within our apartment. 

There are also some obvious safety benefits to using modern communication technology for apartments as well. 

When considering enhanced intercom communicaiton for your apartment, you’ll want to consider three main options:

1. Wireless: Is your apartment set up best for a wireless system, based on the options you have available for a wired system, the distance the communication needs to travel, etc. 

2. Wired: Wired systems may be less expensive, particularly if you have the opportunity to install them during new construction. If you have a specific need, and are able to use a wired system, this may be a better option. But if your needs are more flexible, a wireless option will afford you the flexibility you may desire. 

3. Video intercoms: These are becoming the most popular options, and allow you to communicate both with voice and video. This adds a level of security and comfort many find desirable. Not all apartments are designed in a way that will allow them, but for those who do, this may be a worth consideration. Another advantage of these systems is they may allow for remote monitoring as well. 

When considering your options for intercom communication, you’ll want to assess your primary goals, your budget, your building and space requirements – and then make the best decision based on the available options.