5 Things Every Professional Locksmith Wants You to Know



We all depend on locks to protect us, yet property crimes total $14.3 billion. A professional locksmith can help you check the security of your home.

Many people gain a false sense of security from locks. However, they may not be doing the job you think they are doing.

Do you know these 5 facts about locks that every locksmith wants you to know?

1. Your Deadbolt Is Not Doing Its Job

It is common to discover that a deadbolt is not installed correctly. The contractor may have changed the height of the deadbolt.

If the door is hollow, that means there is no solid block of wood to provide strength to the lock. Another common mistake is not measuring from the bevel.

Measuring wrong can cause the lock to be up to a 1/4 inch off. This will cause your lock to malfunction. Even the best locks are useless if installed incorrectly.

2. New House? Get New Locks

Getting new locks is a small price to pay for security. You don’t know who the old owners gave keys to.

There is a master key out there floating around that can give someone access to your home. Replace the locks and start anew with handing out keys to your home.

3. “Do Not Duplicate” Keys Get Duplicated

That short little note is just a suggestion. It does nothing to actually provide increased security.

The note is used by landlords to discourage people from duplicating keys. This works for the majority of people, but not everyone.

It is not illegal to copy one of these keys. It is illegal to duplicate a “restricted” key though. These are keys that only the manufacturer can duplicate with special equipment.

4. Cheap Big-Box Locks Are Useless

The manufacturers of these locks are quality, but the locks are cheap. Look for a lock that is at least Grade 2 for some level of security.

5. Don’t Call More Than One

While we understand that you are in a state of panic. Please don’t call more than one locksmith out.

This is a waste of time for the ones that show up second or third and you may end up having to pay for their trip out. You may not have to call anyone, try this easy trick to get in your car.

Bonus: Always Try the Door

The most common mistake people make is to call a locksmith before ever trying the door. Then the locksmith shows up. Congratulations, you just paid someone $50 to turn the handle.

Professional Locksmith

Locksmiths are here to help you get in when you’ve managed to lock yourself out. The problem is, people forget just how delicate their security is.

A professional locksmith can tell you if your deadbolts are installed correctly. They can also help you install a new home locking system for your new home purchase.

No matter what you do, don’t call multiple locksmith services. This is inconsiderate of their time and business.

Let us help you secure your home with a locking system today.



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