Four Benefits of High Security Keys

benefits of high security keysWhether you’re unlocking the doors to your home or managing the keys for an entire business, you expect that your keys will keep you and your property secure. What you may not know is that not all keys are created equal. While traditional keys and basic locks serve the general purpose of locking and unlocking your valuables, high security keys and locks provide an extra level of protection.

What are high security keys and why should you use them for your business? High security keys and locking systems can include restricted keys, master key systems, and hitech locks. Each of these offers unique benefits for ensuring the safety of your home and business.

1. More difficult to duplicate

You may have seen keys with “do not duplicate” stamped on the side. These keys are not high security and are actually duplicated all the time. Restricted keys on the other hand are designed with a unique patent that prevents them from being duplicated at your average hardware store. In fact, these keys are only allowed to be duplicated by certain locksmiths. If you are re-keying a new home or an apartment you just moved into, work with the locksmith to opt for high security keys and locks.

2. Tamper-proof locks

Locks used with traditional keys are fairly easy to pick using materials you can buy easily online or at a hardware store. High security, restricted key systems on the other hand are nearly impossible to pick. This is because the locking mechanism corresponds with a specific pin on your high security key. Only a locksmith with special tools can get these locks open after they’re locked. 

3. Ability to control access

You can control exactly who has access when using a high security key system. In business settings, a master key system allows only authorized personnel into pre-approved areas. This not only helps prevent unauthorized use of the building and specific areas, it can also help prevent employee theft. Another great use of a master key system is if you have a housekeeper who comes during the day, but who you don’t want to have access on other days.

Have your master key keyed to both your deadbolt and your doorknob lock while your housekeeper’s key is keyed only to the doorknob lock. On the days your housekeeper is coming, lock only the knob. On the days your housekeeper is not coming, lock both the knob and the deadbolt and feel secure that no one else has access.

4. Monitor your home or business remotely

Technology has given us the ability to change the way we think about keys entirely. Hitech locks enable you to lock, unlock, and alarm your home with a smartphone. You’ll also get alerts if an alarmed is tripped and some versions even allow you to contact your local police department to respond quickly.

Questions about what kind of locking system is right for you? We can help! Contact us to schedule an appointment to make your home safer. 

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