Rekeying and Lock Changing Services in Boston

Keys are easily recognizable, been around for centuries. Key are such ordinary little things that are often glossed over, despite the fact that they’re built to protect the things we hold most dear to us.rekeying and lock changing Oddly enough, although keys are meant to protect us and our valuables, more often than not, changing locks and rekeying entries is rarely done.

How often do you think about changing your locks or updating your locking systems? It probably doesn’t cross your mind too often. Slipping your house keys into the keyhole every night is so common place you forget just how important the quality of those keys actually is! If you’ve been looking to make your home more secure, here are some options on the key and lock front. 

There are several simple and innovative ways to update your current locking systems and improve the security of your home.

Rekeying Your Home

If you’ve just moved into an apartment or are renting space, first find out if you are permitted to rekey the unit. Rekeying does not involve replacing any hardware. Essentially, a licensed locksmith is able to change the tumbler configuration inside the existing lock making it incompatible with previous keys. Before giving your locksmith the thumbs up, be sure that your unit will still be accessible by the landlord with a master key in case of emergency. 

Changing the Locks

Your local hardware store should have a selection of quality locks that the clerk will say you can install yourself. Our advice is don’t do it.

Not only will a professional locksmith install the lock properly (there’s really no guarantee if you try it yourself) but they’ll also be able to make suggestions as to which type of lock is best for the job. Before hiring a locksmith, ask them these questions to make sure they’re a locksmith you can trust.

Use the best quality lock you can get your hands on. ANSI and BHMA ratings are helpful when shopping around. The ratings range from Grade One to Grade Three, with One being the best.

HiTech Locks

Modern technology has given the unassuming copper key a facelift. Home security systems now enable us to lock, unlock and alarm our homes remotely using our smartphones. So convenient and let’s face it, you feel a bit like Inspector Gadget!

These security systems allow you to monitor your home while you’re away. You’ll receive alerts if an alarm is tripped and, in most cases, they have add on services that will contact your local police department in the case of a break in.
Don’t be so quick to forget about how important the locks on those doors are. Solutions range from inexpensive to state of the art meaning there’s a right fit for everyone looking for added home security.

Need help rekeying your home or changing the locks? Let us help! Contact us to schedule an appointment to make your home safer. 

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