8 Reasons To Choose Automatic Doors

While automatic doors have become more or less the status quo, there are still several business owners who have yet to take the plunge. Reasons for not updating from traditional push doors include fear of costly maintenance and installation fees, or simply not seeing them as a necessity. However, with the return you receive in the form of customer satisfaction, convenience and even monetarily, they’re well worth the effort to install.

Benefits of Automatic Doors

There are so many great benefits you receive from automatic doors, that even the most skeptical business owner shouldn’t dismiss the prospect of installation too quickly.

Cost Benefits

Energy Efficiency

With doors that open and close automatically you’re not in danger of them being left open allowing precious heating or a/c to escape.

Low Cost Installation Options

You don’t always have to replace an entire door if you’re trying to install the automatic open and close feature. There are many lower cost options allowing you to modify you existing doors making them automatic.

Ease of Access and Compliance

ADA Compliance

Installing automatic doors ensures that you’ll be in compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act. Just be sure you’re following protocol during the initial installation.


Customers appreciate a merchant who is easy to do business with and this extends to the accessibility of your facility. If you’ve got heavy doors that are a nuisance to your older patrons, as an example, chances are they’re going to find someone else to do their shopping with.

Overall Customer Preference

Recent surveys have shown that customers actually prefer an automatic door and wish they were installed in more places other than main entrances. This is especially beneficial for medical facilities or those where customers are shopping in very large spaces, like a warehouse.

Other Benefits of Automatic Doors

Wide Variety

Sliding doors come in several options, so choosing the best for your business will be a breeze. With space saving varieties and doors with superior aesthetic value available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Low Maintenance

Just like with your standard manually operated door, automatic doors will be low maintenance and stay in working order for long periods of time if you perform regular maintenance checks. In this way, automatic doors are no different than any other piece of equipment in your building.


Automatic doors provide a higher level of safety than traditional push doors. Certain models are able to lock remotely in case of an emergency keeping staff and patrons out of harm’s way more quickly.

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