Benefits of Automatic Doors for Commercial Businesses

benefits of automatic doorsEver walk up to a door with your hands full and realize that it’s not an automatic door? You then have to decide how you’re going to make this work: use your foot? Balance all items on one arm? Wait for the next person to come by and open it for you? If the business you were visiting were to have just invested in automatic doors, you wouldn’t be faced with this inconvenience. Besides being more convenient, automatic doors provide several other benefits to commercial businesses.

Benefits of Automatic Doors


We’ve now mentioned this a few times already, but they truly are much more convenient than a traditional manually operated door. Pulling commercial doors open can be difficult for people even if they’re not carrying anything. For instance, elderly people or individuals in wheelchairs or otherwise impaired may find it very difficult to pull a commercial grade door open. They also eliminate the dreaded push or pull debacle because they do the work for you. 

Customer Satisfaction

The majority of customers place a high level of importance on automatic doors. Recent consumer research studies have shown that 98.9 percent of consumers who expressed a preference between automatic or manual doors preferred automatic. They especially found it important to use automatic doors in places such as hospitals, airports, hotels/motels,  shopping mall entrances and retail stores. Outfitting your commercial building with automatic doors shows customers that you care about their experience while visiting your establishment. Going out of your way to provide amenities which better your customer’s overall experience go a long way and if your clients don’t have to put up with a physical hassle every time they pop in they’ll be more likely to return. Being easy to do business with goes beyond a great return policy and amiable staff. 


Automatic doors provide a means of security that traditional commercial doors cannot. Often times, automatic doors will have electronic locking mechanisms that can be activated from a control switch. Although traditional doors may have heavy duty locking mechanisms, they usually require some sort of manual manipulation of the door itself. With automatic doors, locking can happen instantly giving you a better chance of securing your facility before incident. 

Top Ten Reasons to Install Automatic Doors

According to the American Association of Automatic Doors, here are the top ten reasons you should look into installing them at your place of business:

  1. More choices: automatic doors come in a multitude of colors and finishes
  2. Customers prefer automatic doors: research has proven that the majority of customers prefer to not use their hands when opening doors
  3. Convenience: enable easy access and let your customers know you care about their experience at your establishment
  4. Image:  automatic doors are more impressive and modern than traditional models
  5. Easy to own, use and maintain: when installed and maintained properly, automatic doors are nearly trouble-free
  6. Cost/value: if properly maintained, these doors pay for themselves in relation to energy savings and convenience
  7. Energy savings: automatic doors can significantly reduce annual heating/cooling costs
  8. Safety: all automatic doors must comply with the American National Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors meaning that consistent and safe operation is guaranteed
  9. ADA compliance and elderly access: automatic doors are safe and convenient for all users regardless of physical capabilities
  10. Network of professionals: if affiliated with the AAADM, customers will receive the benefit of all the organization has to offer

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