Top Automatic Doors for Boston Businesses

Top automatic doors for boston businessesAs consumers, many of us take automatic doors and the large variety available for granted. As a business owner, that’s exactly what you want for your customer! The less of a nuisance your entry points are, the better. When choosing an automatic door for your Boston area business, there are multiple factors to consider.

ADA Compliance

Brick and mortars throughout the United States need to be sure they follow the guidelines laid out by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA helps business owners properly ensure accessibility to all applicable areas of their business for anyone with a disability. This includes what type of automatic door you install.

Not all automatic doors are best suited for every entrance or doorway so choosing an automatic door that’s ADA compliant takes a bit of planning. Whether you choose a folding door, a swinging door or a sliding door will depend greatly on the surrounding areas around the door opening. Choose incorrectly and you could be faced with a possible ADA compliancy issue.

Benefits of Automatic Doors

In addition to providing ease of access, automatic doors deliver many great benefits to your business. Did you know that nearly 90% of consumers have expressed a preference toward automatic doors, as opposed to the garden variety manual doors? This is because when businesses go out of their way to increase their customers’ comfortability, the consumer feels appreciated and has an overall better in-store experience.

Beyond customer satisfaction, automatic doors provide greater security. Automatic doors regularly have remote locking mechanisms. Remote locking mechanisms help you secure your building in case of incident more quickly than a manual door, which would require you to physically be by the entrance to lock up. This is especially beneficial for facilities that may require a quick lockdown such as hospitals, schools, daycares and financial institutions.

Top Automatic Doors

As previously mentioned, the type of automatic door and door opening mechanisms you choose will depend on where they’re being installed. But generally speaking, there are a few varieties and manufacturers that are home runs all around.

Top Manufacturers

The following brands have remained consistent throughout the years as having delivered top notch doors, hardware, and the latest technology to consumers. As professional locksmiths, we highly recommend these companies if you’re shopping for automatic doors and door openers. 

  • LCN
  • Norton

Types of Automatic Doors

The best type of automatic door for you depends on needs and preferences. Below are types of automatic doors used for different purposes.

  • Sliding – most common variety
  • Folding – if you’re short on space, folding doors are a terrific option
  • Swinging – great if you want to create directional traffic 
  • Revolving – energy savers, but not always ADA compliant

Before committing to any automatic door strategy, you should speak with a professional to be sure you’re choosing the best option for your particular situation. Kenny’s Lock Inc. are professional locksmiths with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of automatic doors. If you’re in the Boston area and considering an installation, give Kenny’s Lock Inc. a call!

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