Types of Deadbolts for Your Home

types of deadbolts for your homeBelieve it or not, there are more than one type of deadbolt that could be used to make your home more secure.

As possibly the most common security feature on any home, you should know your options when it comes to the wide variety of locks in the deadbolt family. In this post we’ll break down the types of deadbolts and their uses to see if you have the best option installed in your home.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This is most likely the style of deadbolt you and everyone else you know has on their door. It has a twist knob on the inside allowing you to unlock it with ease and a key cylinder on the outside. The great thing about these locks is how easily they’re installed and their price point.

The not so great part? While deadbolts are some of the most secure locks, they can easily be penetrated by lock picking or bumped, making your home less secure.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The double cylinder lock is much like the single except instead of having a twist knob to unlock from the inside it has a key cylinder, hence double cylinder name. This type of deadbolt provides a bit more security, especially if you have glass windows in or near the door. It would prevent someone from breaking a window and reaching in to unlock the door. But, if you had to leave your home in a hurry, like if your home caught fire for instance, it would take longer to unlock the door.

Keyless & Digital Deadbolt

Bringing us into modern times is the keyless and digital deadbolt. Mounted from the inside, these types of locks require a key pad passcode to open. This type of lock is much more secure than standard locks requiring keys. Even if you lost a set, you wouldn’t have to worry about rekeying your home and, if you need to change the code for any reason, you can do so quickly and easily.

The primary difference between these two types of locks is that the digital deadbolt requires batteries or electricity to work. This may become problematic if your power goes out and you find yourself locked in or out of your home.

Rim Deadbolt

This specific deadbolt locks the moment the door closes. This is fantastic if you or your children have a bad habit of forgetting to lock the doors. But, if you happen to run out of the house too quickly and leave your keys behind, you’ll have successfully locked yourself out of the house.

Vertical Deadbolt

Placed at the top of the door and installed vertically, the vertical deadbolt makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to pry your doors open. They’re a bit large and installed in the interior side of the door, so depending on your aesthetic preference, you may or may not find this to be desirable.

Mortise Deadbolt

A mortise deadbolt provides a high level of security. Installed directly into the door itself, the mortise lock is not easily hacked and is incredibly durable.

The downside? Mortise deadbolts have the tendency to weaken the door itself due to the lock being installed directly into it. Unless you have heavy sturdy doors, this may not be the best option

How to Choose a Deadbolt

Choose the lock that’s best suited for your lifestyle. If you travel often for work or vacation, you may opt for a lock that that requires a few more steps to unlock from the inside, but if you’re in and out of your home with kids or pets, you will want one that’s more easily accessed. Whatever type of deadbolt you decide on, choose a qualified locksmith like Kenny’s Lock to help you install it.

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