Securing Your Home While Away On Vacation

home safety tips for vacationThis time of year everyone from the city is leaving to go somewhere. Going to the Cape, taking family vacations, maybe even checking off a destination on your bucket list all sound like a little slice of heaven. Unfortunately, people looking to get their hands on your valuables are aware of this yearly migration and are keen to take advantage of your absence.

Before you head out the door for your vacation this summer, make sure you’re taking proper precautions to safeguard your home. In addition to the usual security measures that you might take, here are some additional steps to ensure that your home is safe while you’re away.

Lock Up

While it may seem obvious, don’t forget to lock all entrances to your home. Remembering the big places like front and back doors is not the tough part. But, other household entrances you may not be thinking of are actually prime entry points for burglars:

  • Dog doors
  • Garage door and door leading into the home
  • Upstairs windows
  • Side gates

Think about investing in a remote locking system that you can access from your smartphone. Depending on the program you purchase, you can not only lock your home remotely using your phone, but you can also keep track of people’s comings and goings – especially appealing if you’ve hired someone to house or pet sit for you.

Automatic Security Timers

Installing automatic timers is an easy way to keep perps off your property. Setting lamps in the house, outside flood lights and porch lights on timers to turn on nightly makes it more difficult for people to sneak around your property undetected. Also, consider motion detecting light sources around your property. If an unwanted visitor is trolling through your yard, the light will come on like a spotlight putting the person on display, which is exactly what a criminal doesn’t want.

Security System

Although purchasing a security system requires some legwork before committing, if you’ve got enough time before your trip you may want to look into getting one. Most security systems are set up to notify local police departments if your home has been accessed in a way that sets off the alarm. Not to mention, if the system has an audible alarm, it’s sure to scare away someone trying to break in before they’re able to make off with your stuff.

Protect Valuables

If, after all possible precautions have been implemented, someone is still able to make their way into your home, do your best to keep your most valuable items out of reach. This means placing your valuables in a personal safe and not leaving cherished items out in the open.

If you follow some of these general home safety tips you should be able to enjoy your vacation without thinking about what’s happening on the home front.

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