Do You Need a Security Lock Upgrade?

In general, most buildings are equipped with standard, mechanical locks such as a mortise lockset. Traditional lock sets are made incredibly well and provide a satisfactory amount of security for many facilities. However, they lack in allowing you to exercise a high degree of control over the entrances to your building.


They’re limited in that they may only be controlled manually from the door itself, can only be used on swinging doors and the only way to authenticate users is by issuing them a traditional key which can very easily be lost or copied. Upgrading your lock sets to a higher security system eliminates these concerns.

Electromagnetic Locks

An electromagnetic lock uses electricity to create a bond between the armature and a magnet to secure the door. This particular security lock is controlled by applying electricity to these components. It provides a higher level of control since you can choose to operate manually or remotely. Another benefit of this type of lock is it can be synced up with your alarm system and fire alarm system to lock or unlock automatically depending on the situation.

An electric lockset also allows you to setup more sophisticated authentication systems. As previously mentioned, traditional keys will get the job done but they’re not exactly the most secure. With electromagnetic locks, you can setup key pads and card swipers which will also provide you with a log of the comings and goings of people utilizing them.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems provide several benefits including:
• Better control of your business
• Improved security
• Reduced manpower costs (think the elimination of a security guard)
• Access to business access logs

Being able to identify individuals who have access to your building is a huge perk for many business owners. Access control systems allow you to drill down as far as who has access to your building when and which areas they’re able to enter.

Using ID cards, key pads or even fingerprint technology, this high tech locking system offers you an entirely different level of security. Access control systems allow you to create a master key system to increase regulation over building admittance like no traditional lockset could. This is especially beneficial for organizations who house many different departments in the same building, some of which require specialized credentials to enter.

Smart Locks

Thousands of homeowners have jumped on the smart lock wagon and for very good reason. Having remote control access to your doors is a huge benefit and allows you to keep a virtual eye on things while away. Many businesses are starting to follow suit.
Smart locks, as they pertain to commercial business, can be incredibly useful. Many smart locking systems will allow your employees to use their phones to unlock building entrances. They’ll typically have another way to unlock the doors in case their phone has run out of charge, but many employees would see this as a nice work perk.

A smart lock would also enable the business owner to issue admittance for weekend repair workers and revoke those privileges as soon as the job is completed without bothering to chase down a physical key or change door codes. Smart locking systems will also typically provide user logs. This is helpful in case of missing merchandise or vandalism.

Remember, no matter how high-tech your locking mechanisms are, if you neglect to regularly maintain your doors, you could end up with an unwanted security breach. If you’re looking to upgrade the locking systems for your commercial business, contact Kenny’s Lock for more information.

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