What To Do When You Get Locked Out of Your House

locked out of house boston locksmithLocking yourself out of your home can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you don’t have a backup key readily available. Add in inclement weather and you’re probably ready to kick yourself for making such an easily avoidable mistake. But, it’s ok! If you plan ahead, the next time you lock yourself out may not be such a dire situation. Here are a few tips to consider before calling a locksmith:

Use a Buddy System

Got a good friend in the building? A trusted coworker or family member in the area? The buddy key system is a classic way to keep you from being left out in the cold. Trading keys with someone you’re comfortable with (and who would come bail you out when you’re in a jam) is the most basic way to keep a set of keys on the ready.

Check for Open Windows

If you live in a ground level home, take your chances and cross your fingers that you’ve left a window unlocked. You may feel a little like a cat burglar, but it’s better to crawl through a window than be stuck outside all day. Sliding doors are good for this as well. If it’s a little loose, you could shimmy it open. Have a doggy door you can squeeze through? Give that a go!

It’s important to note that if any of these tricks work, we’re glad you’re back in your home, but you have a home security issue! Your next step in this situation is to make your home more secure  because if you can get in, your home will pose no problems for professional burglars.

Call Your Landlord

Living in an apartment building could be advantageous in this predicament. Chances are, your landlord or management staff will have a skeleton key for all the units in the building. They may require you to show your ID before allowing you into your apartment, so hopefully you didn’t lock your wallet in the house too!

Call a Locksmith

If you don’t have a buddy system, can’t break into your own place without damaging anything, and don’t have a property manager you’re going to need to call a locksmith that you can trust. But, don’t fret! This is a great opportunity to do a couple of things.

After losing your keys, that means that they’re out there in the city for anyone to find. In this case, you’ll need to have your home rekeyed to prevent just anyone from walking in unannounced. Also, think about upgrading your home with a keyless entry system using a phone operated lock . Let’s face it, you may be careless with your keys but we’re willing to bet you’ve got your smartphone glued to your person at all times. Installing a phone operated lock could eliminate your need for a traditional key altogether.

Locked out of your apartment or home? We can help—get a free quote for getting back into your house. 

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