Revere: Protecting Your Family From Home Invasion

The world has been transfixed this week, watching in horrified sympathy as Dr. William Petit was once again forced to face in open court the men responsible for the death of Petit’s wife and two daughters. One man, Stephen Hayes, has already been convicted in the 2007 Connecticut crime.  The second man,Joshua Komisarjevsky, is currently on trial for his role in the killing.

Watching Dr. Petit relive the horrible events of that day is heartwrenching. No one, anywhere, would want to be in his shoes.  This poor man has lost everything. It is impossible to watch this man’s suffering without thinking, “What would I do if it was me? Are we safe from home invasion?”

What can we do to keep our families safe from home invasion? Crime experts tell us that while there’s absolutely no way to prevent all criminal activity, there are proactive steps that families can take to reduce the risk of home invasion. Home invasions are different from regular robberies because a home invader will choose to strike when he knows the family is home.  Home invasions are more violent crimes, and criminals leverage the threat of that violence to increase the amount of money and valuables they collect from their victims.

Revere Home Security Systems

One of the top ten home invasion prevention tips from is:

Get a good home alarm montoring system and have prominently displayed home alarm system decals on your doors and windows. This might be enough to deter those looking for a random mark.

If you do not have a home security system in your home, now is the time to talk to your Revere locksmith about having a home security system installed. Home security systems are especially important if you live in an isolated part of town: these are are areas that home invaders frequent most!