Boston Residential Security: In Case of Storm

Home Security After Natural Disasters: What You Need To Know

Hurricane Irene was an unusual event for our region. We live far from the tropics where high winds, driving rain, and intense localized flooding are regular events. The storm forced massive evacuations: the streets of NYC were emptied by gubernatorial order for the first time ever.

How do you know your home is as secure as possible when you’re forced to be away? That’s a good question. This month, we’re going to be looking at some basic home security steps you can take in case weather forces you to be away from your home. Hurricanes aren’t common, but in the Northeast, we have more than our fair share of blizzards!

Business owners have reason to be particularly concerned. There are always people who use extreme weather events as an excuse to indulge in criminal activity. Security camera footage was integral in catching two men accused of looting in Virginia Beach post-Irene. No business is safe: if a thief perceives an opportunity, they’re going to act on it.

Boston Residential Security: Before the Storm

There are two steps every homeowner should take before the next weather event hits our region. The first is to make a complete inventory of your home. Take pictures of your valuables. Record serial numbers. Many people are struggling to complete insurance claims now with incomplete information. Having a thorough record of what you own will make it easier to have those items replaced.

The second is to make sure you have a superior home locking system. The ability to lock your home completely and securely is essential. Don’t rely on simple doorknob locks that you can buy at any discount store: all it takes is a determined thief with a screwdriver to force entry to your home. Modern home locking systems keep criminals out – and provide protection even when the power goes out!

If you are evacuated from your home, make sure to take your most valuable possessions with you. Official documents, including homeowner’s insurance policies, identifying documents such as birth certificates and social security cards, and your banking information are must-bring items. Heirloom jewelry, family photographs, and other small items can be brought with you. The best home safes can serve as a secure repository against flood waters and fire.

Boston Commercial Security: Make Sure Your Business Is Protected

During an extreme weather event you need to control who has access to your business. Master key systems allow the business owner or their designated employee to gain entry to every room: critical when checking for storm damage, rescuing inventory from storm waters, and the like. Restricted key systems make it possible for key holders to access pre-determined areas of the business. Talk with your Boston locksmith about what your options are and what’s right for your business.

Boston Locksmith: Lock Repairs

It may happen that during the course of a storm, the existing locks on your home or business become damaged. This damage can be due to the incredible forces of nature, emergency services personnel forcing entry to rescue people, or random vandalism or criminal activity. Your Boston locksmith can replace damaged locks, re-key existing locks, or install a new home security system to increase your peace of mind after a storm.