Boston: Home Security When You Need It Most

The former Miss Iceland, Anna Bjornsdottir, is the woman who collected over $2 million in reward money for turning in notorious Boston crime lord, Whitey Bulger. Authorities say they can’t guarantee Miss  Bjornsdottir’s security, now that her identity is known.

Whether you’re a beauty queen, prone to dropping the dime on criminals on the run, or just an ordinary sort of person, you need to be mindful of your home security.  You may not have two million dollars in reward money – but that won’t stop the criminal element in this world from trying to break in and take what you have accumulated. Women and men alike need to worry about home invasion: a crime that is on the rise all across our nation.

What can you do to best ensure your home security? And what can be done if you’ve had dramatic life circumstances that make it prudent to make your living situation safer?

The first step is to talk to your Boston locksmith.  Making sure that all the entrances to your home can lock safely and securely is a simple step to help keep you and your family safer.  Don’t rely on the locks that came with your home. In our area, older homes often have inadequate locks. Upgrading to more secure locks can keep you safer.

Another option to consider is having a home security system installed.  When you’re shopping for a home security system in Boston, you’ll discover you have several options.  Talk with your Boston locksmith about your needs, and what security systems will best work with your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. The peace of mind is totally worth it!

At the end of the day. we’re all in the same boat as Ms. Bjornsdottir.  No one can promise that we’ll be perfectly safe from those who wish to do us harm. However, we can all take reasonable, prudent steps that keep our families much safer.  It all starts with your Boston locksmith!