Boston Home Security: Protecting Your Family From Violent Crime and Home Invasions

If you’re a parent, you may have found the headlines recently to be more than you can bear. It seems as if every day, we’re subjected to a new, horrible story where young, innocent children are killed by predatory criminals.  Time magazine tells us the tale of Alyssa Bustamante, who stabbed and strangled nine year old Elizabeth Olten, to “see what it felt like”.  In Florida, Jared Harrell admitted to killing seven year old Somer Thompson, as well as molesting other area children, in exchange for a sentence of life without parole.  When we, as parents, are confronted by the existence of evil people like Bustamante and Harrell, we must wonder how we can keep our children safe?

Boston Home Security

Child safety experts agree: the must be individual and community efforts made to make the world a safer place for children. In this article, we talked to your Boston locksmith about steps you can take to make your home more safe and secure. It’s a sad but true fact that in many instances, the perpetrators of violence against children are people who knew and had access to the child.  This means that as parents, we have to be especially vigilant about who we associate with, and who we allow our children to associate with. However, nothing is foolproof – even the most aware parents have been surprised by treachery from trusted family members, friends, and neighbors.

One way to help keep your child safe is to restrict access to your home. The days when we could leave our doors open are long gone. It’s essential to have strong locks on every entrance point to your home, and to use those locks.  Criminals who are out to snatch a child have to move fast: secure door locks and window locks slow things down, increasing the chances of detection and capture. If you don’t have strong locks in your home, talk to your Boston locksmith. They’ll install new locks, or a home locking system, which provides whole home security you can control with the push of a button!