Revere: What Would Suffolk Downs Casino Mean to Your Home Security?

Make no mistake.  It’s absolutely not a done deal – not set in stone, not cast in concrete, not even semi-firm Jell-O, really, – that there will be a casino in Suffolk Downs.  There’s still a lot of planning and paperwork to be done; agreements to be made. votes taken and counted – this article in the Revere Advocate shines a spotlight on some of the introductory process. But one thing is clear.  There’s going to be a casino somewhere in Massachusetts.  What does the presence of a casino mean, in terms of home security, for nearby residents and homeowners?

According to a study published in the journal Crime and Delinquency entitled Does the Presence of Casinos Increase Crime? there is no one clear answer to that question.  By studying crime rates in six communities where casinos had recently been introduced, researchers found that in some communities, crime rates went up after the casino was opened.  In other communities, the crime rate remained stable.  In other communities, a new casino opening was followed by a decrease in criminal activity.

There is still clearly research to be done on this topic.  What isn’t open for dispute, however, is the need for Revere home security.  Having securely locking doors and windows helps deter criminal activity. Home locking systems provide an extra level of safety and security for your family. Being proactive about home security means talking with your Revere locksmith about the steps you can take to keep your home safer.

Revere business owners also have security concerns.  What will the presence of the Suffolk Downs casino mean for business owners in Revere? There are many potential positives: increased traffic can lead to increased customers.  Your Revere Locksmith is your source for information on how to better protect your business from all criminal activity.  Don’t trust your livelihood to Lady Luck!