Revere Security Spotlight: Telephone Entry Systems

If you own rental property or commercial property in Revere, MA, you know that security is a top concern.  Protecting your business investment is a top priority, as in ensuring the safety and security of the people who rent apartments from you. As your Revere locksmith, we know that the key to great apartment building security is restricting access – keeping the bad guys out! – while making it easy for your tenants to let their guests in for a visit or delivery.

Revere Security: The Telephone Entry System

A telephone entry system is a simple, efficient, easy to use security system for apartment buildings.  When your tenant has a visitor, all the visitor has to do is select the tenant they’re coming to see from the easy-to-read LCD crystal display.  The telephone entry system safely and securely calls your tenant on their home or mobile phone.

If there’s no answer? No entrance. Your property remains safe and secure – and your tenants know their homes are safe, even when they’re not home!

If the tenant answers, they can decide if they want to grant access or not.  If they do want to see their visitor, a simple push of a button on their phone grants access: the door is unlocked, and their visitor can come right up the stairs.  If they don’t want to see the visitor, they don’t have to. The door will stay locked!

The telephone entry system is also a valuable tool for off-site property managers. The telephone entry system can be programmed to reach you on your cell phone, allowing you to offer your tenants immediate responsiveness.

Interested in a telephone entry system for your Revere apartment building or rental property? Contact us today! We work individually with every client to help them find the best security solution!