Revere Home Security Bulletin: Protecting Your Family

Last year, the Revere community was shocked to hear about the tragic, untimely death of Stephanie Moulton.  Stephanie was working alone in a group home for the mentally ill when one of the residents, Deshawn Chappell, violently stabbed her to death.

In the aftermath of this incident, steps are being taken to make sure that people like Stephanie are safer when they’re at work. This is a positive move.  Increasing security to ensure a safe working environment is smart.

Taking steps to make sure your family is safe at home is a smart idea, too.  While the vast majority of people who are mentally ill are not violent or dangerous, there are always going to be those troubled individuals like Chappell who pose a real threat. Not all of these people are in treatment programs, especially as the tight economy is forcing cuts in available programs.

Ultimately, the goal is to make sure people get the help and treatment they need.  Meanwhile, there are positive steps you can take to protect your family and property.

Revere Home Security Systems

Having a home security system installed provides many benefits. Many security experts recommend having your Revere locksmith install a home security system to provide complete family protection.  Alarms that instantly alert emergency services of any problem mean that you’re never truly on your own – no matter what type of threat you’re facing.

Revere business owners need to protect their interests, too.  Commercial security can take the form of keyless entry systems – allowing your employees easy access, but keeping everyone else out! Master Key and Restricted Key systems allow you to keep total control of who has access to different areas of your business, apartment complex, or manufacturing facility.

Having strong, well made locks in place, the use of home security systems, and keeping your home well lit makes your home or business a less appealing target. Deterring the criminal element keeps your family, property, and possessions safe!