Revere: Better Home Security Just Can’t Wait

Talk about a holiday surprise that  nobody wants! It was only a few days before Christmas when Jim D’Orsi walked out of his home to find that someone had stolen all four wheels – tires, rims, and all! – from his daughter’s car that was parked in front of the house.  You can read the story in the Revere Journal here.  One of the factors in this outrageous crime is that the Revere police department said they were short-staffed on the night of the incident. There were only three patrols in the city on Sunday night.

If you live in Revere, what does this mean for you? The budget crisis that is reducing the number of police officers on city streets isn’t going to resolve any time soon.  The tight economy and high unemployment in the region mean that more and more people are choosing desperate and illegal activities to boost their income.  Stealing the wheels off a car parked 20 feet away from a home is not an amateur’s crime.  If someone is willing to take on that kind of risk for tires and wheels worth only a few hundred dollars, what will they do to gain entrance to a home that could contain valuable jewelery, electronics, or cash?

It’s time to get serious about your family’s home security. If you don’t have good, strong, secure locks on every entrance to your home, it’s time to call your Revere locksmith and have locks installed.  Unlocked doors and windows are prime opportunities for criminals who want access to your home or business. Talk to your Revere locksmith about home locking systems.  With a home locking system, you can secure your entire home with the touch of a button.  Monitoring systems add an extra level of security for your family.  Having bright lights, motion-activated or static, creates an atmosphere that’s uncomfortably visible for criminals who like to operate in the dark.