Quincy: Is it “Over-Reacting” to take Home Security Seriously?

This article, entitled “A Message to Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy”“is receiving lots of attention on the internet today.  In it, the author discusses the technique of Gaslighting, in which one person trivializes or minimizes another person’s concerns in order to exert an unhealthy level of control in the relationship.

It does not feel good to have your concerns minimized or dismissed by another person.  Being told you’re crazy for having those thoughts and feelings doesn’t make the situation any better.  One area where people are routinely told they’re over-reacting or panicking without cause is the area of home security.

There are many legitimate reasons why a person may want to take pro-active steps to provide for their Quincy home security.  The economy is tough, and crime rates are going up. It is both sensible and prudent to want to defend what you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Thieves are opportunistic: they’ll engage in criminal activity when and where it’s most likely that they’ll get away with it without consequences. Having a home security system installed in Quincy reduces the likelihood that their criminal activity goes unnoticed.

It is important to remember that men and women perceive things differently.  The behavior of a group of teenage boys, for example, can be seen as nothing more than high-spirited nonsense by a man and intensely threatening to a woman. It is not over-reacting for that woman to take steps so she feels safe and secure within her own home.  Gavin de Becker in his groundbreaking work, “The Gift of Fear”, tells us that we have instincts for a reason.  Listening to those feelings that tell us we’re uneasy, nervous, or fearful is the first step in keeping ourselves safe.

Your Quincy locksmith can install new door locks, making your home more secure.  Installing a home security system is another reasonable way to help increase your sense of personal safety and security in your home.  Don’t let anyone minimize or dismiss your concerns.  You have a right to feel safe in your own home!