Cambridge: What To Do When You’ve Lost Your Car Keys

“I can’t believe that this happened!” Marci threw her hands up in the air.  “I had the car keys right here in my pocket. Now they’re gone!”  She looked around the busy shopping center parking lot. “Maybe somebody will turn them in?”

When you lose the keys to your car and home, you don’t have time to waste! While we always hope that our keys are found by good people who will turn the keys in to a business owner or the police, you can’t count on that happening. Your keys may never be found – or they may be found by someone who sees your lost keys as their opportunity to gain unlawful access to your car or home!

Cambridge Locksmith: Replacement Car Keys

If you lose your car keys in Cambridge, contact your Cambridge locksmith. Kenny’s Lock is the only AAA Authorized locksmith on the South Shore with the skill and the latest technology to duplicate and generate keys to the majority of cars on the road today.

There are as many types of replacement car keys as there are cars! Your Cambridge locksmith carries e keys for virtually any motor vehicle. We have a large inventory of factory original and after-market automotive keys. Plated brass, steel, nickel silver, plastic headed, wallet keys, valet keys, PATS keys, VATS keys, keys for gray market vehicles not originally sold in the USA.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what type of replacement car key you need! We’ll be happy to help you identify the proper replacement car key for your vehicle.

Cambridge Locksmith: Replacement Keys for Home and Business

Losing your car keys can also mean losing the keys to your home and business.  Again, in this situation, you want to contact your Cambridge locksmith – and you want to call them FAST.  Your Cambridge locksmith can re-key your locks, install new locks, and help you ensure that your home and business are safe and secure. Talk to your Cambridge locksmith about home locking systems for superior home security.