Cambridge: Home Security After A Break-In

“When I first came home, my immediate thought was that my wife had left me. The whole place was nearly empty, and what was left was wrecked! But then I noticed the family pictures hanging on the walls, including the only photo we have of my wife’s mother.  That’s when I knew it wasn’t her who’d done all of this!” Guiseppe squeezed his wife Rosa’s shoulders.  “Twenty-six years we’ve had this house.  And never anything like this.”

Rosa smiled at her husband. “At least you’ve still got me, baby!”

“That’s true,” he said.  “But I would have liked to have you and the tv!”

After A Break-In

After a break-in, your family may experience a range of emotions.  Older couples, like Guiseppe and Rosa, often report feelings of both fear and frustration.  “I worry about Guiseppe,” Rosa said. “He never was a good sleeper anyway, but now – any noise, he’s out of bed with his flashlight. I ask him, what are you going to do – knock a robber in the head with the flashlight? He says, if I have to. What are you gonna do with a man like that, I ask you?”

While that’s a question no one can answer, your Cambridge locksmith has several recommendations to help reduce the fear and frustration families commonly experience after a break-in.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Begin by having a family conversation.  It’s important for everyone, especially younger family members, to be able to talk about what happened, what that means for the family, and most importantly, what will happen to keep the family safe now. You have a right to feel safe and secure in your home.  It takes time to work through the emotional violation of a break-in.  Be patient with yourself.  Talking with a family member, counselor, or friend can help make the recovery process easier.

Be Proactive about Home Security

Once you’ve had a break-in, your awareness of home security goes way up.  Talk with your Cambridge locksmith about the best way to secure your residence.  Every home can be made safer, whether that means installing locks on doors, securing windows, or installing home security systems. Taking action makes it more difficult for criminals to break into your home, and it will make your family feel safer.

“I know it made Rosa calm down a little bit when we had the home security system installed,” Guiseppe said. “She’s always been excitable, you know?  The burglar alarm helps.”

Call Your Cambridge Locksmith

Home security is not a do it yourself job.  You want a professional locksmith who can do a superior job installing locks and home security systems.  Call your Cambridge locksmith. They’ll help you determine what best meets your home security needs and get you safe and secure once again!