How to Maintain and Repair Commercial Doors

Commercial doors can be quite the investment and if not properly taken care of, they can become quite the pain in the neck, and wallet. Proactively maintaining your commercial doors will prolong their lifespan and head off potentially larger problems in the future.


Regular Spot Checks

Set up a calendar reminder for yourself to quickly spot check all the doors of your facility. Double check that strikes are in good shape, batteries are still charged, and look for any other signs of wear and tear that could merit a repair like:

  • Chipping paint
  • Disintegrating insulation strips
  • Loose door handles
  • Doors are not slamming shut

Clear Strikes of Debris

The strike is a prime place for employees or customers to shove their gum or straw wrappers. Making sure that there’s nothing blocking the strike on a daily basis will ensure that your doors are securely closing.
Not to mention, if a door is forced shut, the debris inside the strike will place undue pressure on the locking system and could end up compromising its integrity.

Door Closures

The door closure, the hydraulic arm that connects the top of the door frame and the top of the actual door, is what pulls each door closed after you’ve walked through it. Carefully inspect the door closure for any leaks. If you happen to find one, call a locksmith to take a look at the door to keep your business doors safe and secure.

If left unattended you may find that your door is either closing too quickly, slamming, which may damage the components in the door locking mechanism or the door frame itself or that it’s closing much too slowly preventing it from latching properly.

Regularly Change Batteries

We mentioned taking a look at your batteries when you do your scheduled spot checking, but changing your batteries on a fixed schedule will prevent any oversights down the road. Changing them, at the very least, once a year should be sufficient.

When doing your spot checking, check the batteries for any leaking or corrosion. This could potentially damage the inside of the locking mechanism and cause you to purchase a whole new lockset.

Properly maintaining your commercial doors is truly a breeze as long as you don’t let them go for too long without a second look. If you find that you’ve got a problem a little bit too serious for you to handle alone, call a professional locksmith. We can help perform repairs or replace your commercial door parts – get a quote today!

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