Quincy Commercial Locksmith

Do you know what one of the cover stories in Police Chief Magazine is this month? It’s Civil Disturbance Readiness: How Ready is Your Agency?, a frank and fairly complete look at the challenges facing local law enforcement if the riots and civil unrest we’ve seen in Europe show up in America. There’s been relatively minimal amounts of vandalism, property damage, and criminal mischief associated with the Occupy movement – but as a Quincy business owner, you know there’s no guarantee that all social protest movements are going to follow that same model.

Quincy Commercial Locksmith

What steps can you take to keep your business safe? It’s always prudent to be proactive about Quincy commercial security. We all hope to never see riots in the street here, but we must also acknowledge that there are already the criminals, the vandals, and the mindlessly-destructive individuals in our community.  By working in partnership with your Quincy commercial locksmith, you can develop a security strategy that protects your livelihood.

There are many factors to consider when protecting your Quincy business.  Controlling access to your building is essential.  There are the obvious public entrances that need to be attractive, inviting spaces while remaining secure against unauthorized individuals after hours.  Talk to your Quincy commercial locksmith about the best locks and security system options. It’s also critical to ensure that your service entrance, delivery area, and other entry doors can lock securely.

Sometimes it turns out that we’ve hired a less-than-scrupulous person.  Internal theft and shrinkage are huge problems. Keyless Entry Systems allow you to restrict access to supply areas, equipment storage lockers, records rooms, and more. Protect yourself and your clientele!  Keyless Entry Systems track attempts at access by unauthorized users – information you can use to protect your business!

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