Tips to Prevent Losing Your Keys

tips to prevent losing your keysWe’ve all been there. Digging through your bag searching for keys that aren’t there. It’s a horrible inconvenience to lose your keys. Not only are you locked out of your car, home or business but you have to go through all the necessary steps to secure your surroundings after the fact.

Our recommendation? Try not to lose your keys in the first place! This is, of course, is easier said than done. But, we’ve got some great tips to help you keep track of your keys and avoid the pitfalls that come from losing them.

Make your keys noticeable

Keychains are more than just for ornamental use. Having a noticeable adornment or one that is fairly large without becoming cumbersome is a fun and simply way to help you keep track of your keys. For women, attaching large “puff ball” keychains is fashionable and will make it nearly impossible to not notice it’s missing from your purse. Men, try a high quality bottle opener or utility knife.

Keep keys in the same place

In addition to making your keys noticeable, keeping keys in the same place in your home, office, or bag will help prevent you from losing them. Install a key ring inside your door or designate a drawer in your office to keep your keys. Rather than digging through bags, place your keys in an inner or outer pocket in your bag or purse so that you’ll always know where they are. 

Attach your keys to something larger

The problem seems to happen once keys come loose and are in our hands. But, if you affix your keys to something you surely won’t leave behind, like your purse or belt buckle, your chances of misplacing them are slim to none. Many bags have loops inside of them for just this reason. Purchase a key ring with an easy open latch to make attaching it to yourself easier.

Take advantage of technology

So, what happens if you do everything you can to try and not lose your keys, but you lose them anyway? There’s an app for that…Phone applications have made our lives easier in countless ways and their help with keeping track of our keys is just one more perk of living in the high-tech era. Applications, such as the Tile app, help you locate your keys once they’re lost. By attaching a tracker with Bluetooth capabilities to your key chain, you’re able to find your keys using the application on your phone. Other applications you can check out are HipKey, Cobra Tag, Stick-N-Find Stickers and Zomm.

Get a smartphone operated lock

Another solution to the issue of lost key is to get a smartphone operated lock for your home. Equipping your home with smart locks enables you to utilize your smart phone to literally unlock your house with the click of a button. So, even if you lose your traditional keys, you’d still be able to access your home using your smartphone.

Whichever method you choose, choose at least one so that you can prevent lockouts. If you do end up locking yourself out, contact Kenny’s Lock and we’ll help you out!

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