Your First Home: Keeping Safe in Quincy

“Maybe it’s crazy, but I can’t stop watching the news about Lisa Irwin. Nobody knows where this little baby girl is. She’s just gone.” Miranda L. looked at Cole, her newborn baby boy, safely asleep in his bassinet. “And I think what if that happened here? What if that happened to us?”

Anxiety and fears around infant abduction are very common, especially among new mothers.  There’s no one as vulnerable as a newborn baby.  As parents, we want to take every step possible to make sure our families are safe within our homes.

Quincy Home Security: What Are Your Options

Talk to your Quincy locksmith about ways you can make your home more secure.  The first step is to make sure that every entrance to your home can be locked securely.  That means doors and windows! Your Quincy locksmith can install new locks, repair broken locks, and replace older locks with newer, more secure models.

While no one knows what has happened to Lisa Irwin, child safety experts do know that abduction is often a crime of opportunity. The person who is looking to snatch a baby welcomes open doors and unlocked windows.  They can get in and out easily and quickly! By having strong locks installed, you make it more difficult for would-be kidnappers to enter your home.  The process would take longer – increasing the chances they’ll be seen and caught. Criminals don’t like those chances!

Another way to keep your baby safe is to have a home security system installed.  There are many types of home security systems available in Quincy.  Talk to your Quincy locksmith about having a home security system installed. They’ll go over your family’s needs, what type of monitoring you’d like, and what system will best fit your budget.  Your home can be safe and secure without breaking the bank.

“That’s good news,” Miranda said, “Because I have a feeling I’ll be buying a lot of toys and diapers!”