Safety Tips for Moving in Boston

Moving day is around the corner in Boston. For many people it can be an exciting time, but it’s also stressful. There are hundreds of little moving parts and several people to manage in the process. Over the course of the day or so that it takes to fully safety tips for moving in bostontransition from point A to point B, your most prized possessions are out of your hands completely.

Chances are, you’ve done some pretty extensive research before settling on your new home like ensuring that you’re choosing a safe apartment in a good part of town. But this careful planning needs to be applied to several other areas of your move. Here are some helpful tips to help you get through unscathed and arrive at your new home in one piece.

Moving Preparation

Packing has just begun which is the perfect time to guarantee the safety of your things. Starting with the small stuff, keep anything of value in a locked safe . If you don’t already own one, definitely look into purchasing a safe for your home. During the actual move, keep whatever jewelry and small valuables you can on your person. This will give you assurance that they’ll make it to their final destination.

Also, not everything that is valuable is tangible. If you’ve got a personal computer, backup your files prior to moving. It’s not unheard of for computers to fall off the back of a moving truck and you don’t want someone to have any of your personal information. So, back it up then clear its contents for the duration of the move. Make sure to keep track of your boxes too. You’re probably going to be surrounded by mountains of them so start numbering each before you lose track. This way, when you reach the other side if there’s a number missing you’ll know right away.

Hiring Movers

It’s very tempting to comb through Craig’s List for some cheap manual laborers but there’s no way to vet these people before allowing them into your home. A good rule of thumb when hiring a moving company is to first and foremost, choose a reputable business that performs background checks on their employees. If you can help it, don’t involve them in the packing process. It’s best that you are the one to put things in boxes. It’s much too easy for a trinket to walk out the front door if it’s loose when strangers arrive.

Locks and Keys

Think you should provide your moving company with a set of keys to the new place? That way you can stay at the old place and monitor some last minute packing, right? Wrong. Do not give anyone a set of keys. It’s much too easy to make an impression of your house keys to be copied later.

Instead, have a friend or two with you on the day. There should be at least one to two trustworthy people at each location to watch over things. Also, if you’re single or live alone this buddy system will provide some personal safety for you as well.
Another tip, before you move into the new place, be sure to get all the locks rekeyed. The only people who should have a copy of this new set is anyone living in the home and one trusted outside source, like a close friend or family member, in case of emergency.

Fail Safe

So, you’ve taken every precaution necessary, making sure you don’t leave yourself open to those who would take advantage of you. While you’ve made smart choices and have earned your “Smart Mover” badge, you should always do as much as you can to keep you and your loved ones safe at all times. After move-in there’s still work to be done so don’t lose your momentum before securing your current household.

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