Boston: Home Security for Singles

The Newly Single Person’s Guide to Home Security in Boston

It’s sad but true: breakups happen. Sometimes breakups are amicable, and former partners go their merry way with no drama or heartache. Other breakups aren’t quite as smooth. Ending a relationship can leave you in a place where you’re not feeling entirely safe and secure.

This can be especially true if you used to share a residence with your partner. It’s hard to sleep soundly at night if you’re worried about your safety. There are pro-active steps you can take to make your home safer and more secure.

Here’s what you need to do:

Give Yourself Permission To Take Your Safety Seriously

If you’re worried – even just a little nervous – about your safety after a breakup, take that concern seriously. You have every right to take care of yourself. Doing so is not a judgment on yourself or your former partner. Every step you take to increase your security makes you safer in general: you’re also protecting yourself from random criminals and threats.

Security experts agree wholeheartedly. Acting to protect yourself is in your best self interest. It doesn’t matter if a former partner was never violent or threatening – or wasn’t so until the break up happened. You have the right to keep yourself, your children, your pets and your possessions safe.

Changing The Locks

Have the locks changed on every entranceway to your home. Your Locksmith will be able to change your locks. Then you will have the only set of keys to the residence. (It’s always a good idea to keep an extra set at work or with a trusted friend.) You won’t have to worry about who has been in your home while you were away. Don’t forget about the garage door, as well as any storage buildings, barns, or sheds.

You may want to add another level of security to your home by having your locksmith install additional locks in your home. Deadbolts, keyed entry locks, and other lock options make it harder for anyone to break into your home. This provides extra peace of mind.

Home Security Systems

After a breakup, you may be worried about what your ex-partner does to your home while you’re away. A person who might not ever confront you directly may feel differently about sneaking into the house and trashing all of your things. Protect your home and your possessions with a home security system. 24/7 protection keeps an eye on your home when you’re not there! And when you are home, that home security system does more than protect your things: it helps keep you safe.

When choosing a home security system and service, make a point of doing business with a company that specializes in home security. There’s a trend right now for home security services to be offered by cable and internet providers. Think about how often the cable goes out. Do you really want your home’s security provided by the people who can’t keep the TV from freezing up?

Taking steps to preserve your safety after a breakup is a smart decision. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, young or old: everyone has the right to safety and security within their home.

Boston: When You Need A Locksmith

Chances are you’ve never really thought about needing a locksmith.  Most people don’t.  After all, they don’t really have a reason to.  They go through their day, opening and shutting the door to their home or business. They get into and out of their car.  It’s all completely effortless and unremarkable – until a careless moment leaves you locked out of your home, business, or vehicle.

There are instances where being locked out of your home or business can present a very real and present danger.  If you have infants or small children locked inside the home while you are outside, you will find your mind racing through the hundreds of ways kids find to get into trouble while you’re unable to stop them.  This is when having a locksmith available for emergency locksmith service in Boston is a great idea.

It’s also important to have access to a Boston locksmith when you are locked outside during inclement weather.  We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we’ve had some terrible weather lately.  Between Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, there’s been a ton of rain – and after this wet weather, the freezing cold aspect of a Boston winter is coming on! Being locked out of your home or business when the temperature is below zero is absolutely no joke.  In those instances, you’ll want to call your Boston locksmith right away! They can help you get into your home, rekey the lock so you can have a safe, secure entrance once again, and even help you select the right home security system to keep other people out of your home.

Another time you may need a locksmith in Boston is if you’ve locked your keys in the car.  Car entry systems are becoming increasingly complicated. You’ll want to work with a locksmith who has experience with newer cars, especially those cars that use transponder chips in their keys.  That way you’ll be able to get back in your car and on the road fast!

Cambridge: Locked the Keys in Your Car?

It only takes a minute. Sixty seconds of distraction – maybe the kids were fighting, or perhaps your mind was on the thirty-seven things you have to get done at work this morning – and it happens: the car door shuts – and your car keys are inside!

Sometimes it’s not that simple.  Your car is locked – but you have no idea where your car keys are. Or the car is open, but the keys are missing. It’s nice that you can open the door, but you’re still not going anywhere.  People lose their car keys for any number of reasons: simple loss, theft, lost luggage or handbags, fires, or accidents.

Cambridge Locksmith Automotive Services

If you’ve locked your keys in the car, or you’ve lost your car keys and need replacement keys, you want to call your Cambridge locksmith.  Choose the best Cambridge locksmith: one who is AAA certified to provide replacement keys for the most makes and models of cars.  That would be Kenny’s Lock.

You don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed to call a locksmith.  Forgetting that the keys are in the car or even losing them entirely doesn’t make you a bad person! It happens, far more often than you might think.  We all live incredibly busy lives, and it’s only natural to forget things.

People will tell you that having replacement keys made is expensive and difficult, but that’s not true. Your Cambridge locksmith has the skills needed to craft all kinds of replacement keys – even keys that have transponder chips inside. Transponder chips are standard on most newer cars, but not every locksmith has the skills needed to replace them.  You want to work with a pro that does!

If you’ve locked your keys in the car, don’t despair! Your Cambridge locksmith can help.  Getting your keys back (and your wheels) gives you more than peace of  mind.  You get your freedom back!

Revere Home Security Bulletin: Protecting Your Family

Last year, the Revere community was shocked to hear about the tragic, untimely death of Stephanie Moulton.  Stephanie was working alone in a group home for the mentally ill when one of the residents, Deshawn Chappell, violently stabbed her to death.

In the aftermath of this incident, steps are being taken to make sure that people like Stephanie are safer when they’re at work. This is a positive move.  Increasing security to ensure a safe working environment is smart.

Taking steps to make sure your family is safe at home is a smart idea, too.  While the vast majority of people who are mentally ill are not violent or dangerous, there are always going to be those troubled individuals like Chappell who pose a real threat. Not all of these people are in treatment programs, especially as the tight economy is forcing cuts in available programs.

Ultimately, the goal is to make sure people get the help and treatment they need.  Meanwhile, there are positive steps you can take to protect your family and property.

Revere Home Security Systems

Having a home security system installed provides many benefits. Many security experts recommend having your Revere locksmith install a home security system to provide complete family protection.  Alarms that instantly alert emergency services of any problem mean that you’re never truly on your own – no matter what type of threat you’re facing.

Revere business owners need to protect their interests, too.  Commercial security can take the form of keyless entry systems – allowing your employees easy access, but keeping everyone else out! Master Key and Restricted Key systems allow you to keep total control of who has access to different areas of your business, apartment complex, or manufacturing facility.

Having strong, well made locks in place, the use of home security systems, and keeping your home well lit makes your home or business a less appealing target. Deterring the criminal element keeps your family, property, and possessions safe!

Quincy: What You Should Know When Shopping For A Home Security System

It doesn’t take much to totally destroy your peace of mind.  Look at the doorknob in the picture.  It’s nothing remarkable – you probably see doorknobs exactly like this one dozens of times in the course of your day.

Perhaps you never notice the doorknob until it’s become clear that someone has messed with it.  Having someone break into your home is a terrifying and unsettling experience.

Often the first response Quincy homeowners have after a break-in is to rush out and sign up for the very first home security service they see.  That’s understandable, but for the ultimate in peace of mind and home security, you’ll want to be more selective.

Quincy Home Security Systems

When you’re shopping for home security systems, keep the following points in mind:

System Quality: Your home is your largest investment, and of course the health and safety of your family is priceless. That means you’ll want to choose the highest quality home security system.  You want a system that is ideal for your home’s unique configuration – talk to your Quincy locksmith about what your options are – and that is durable enough to deter even the most determined criminals.

Installation and Service: The effectiveness of your home security system is directly dependent upon the quality of the installation.  Your Quincy locksmith has a team of trained professionals who know the proper way to install your home security system.  This is a significant difference from discount security services or cable tv providers, who often sell security as an ‘add on’ service. Choose a company that has expertise in home security.

Ask about service and support for your new Quincy home security service.  The best Quincy locksmiths respond promptly to all service calls: you never have to worry about your home or family being vulnerable and unprotected. The peace of mind is totally worth it.