Boston: Home Security When You Need It Most

The former Miss Iceland, Anna Bjornsdottir, is the woman who collected over $2 million in reward money for turning in notorious Boston crime lord, Whitey Bulger. Authorities say they can’t guarantee Miss  Bjornsdottir’s security, now that her identity is known.

Whether you’re a beauty queen, prone to dropping the dime on criminals on the run, or just an ordinary sort of person, you need to be mindful of your home security.  You may not have two million dollars in reward money – but that won’t stop the criminal element in this world from trying to break in and take what you have accumulated. Women and men alike need to worry about home invasion: a crime that is on the rise all across our nation.

What can you do to best ensure your home security? And what can be done if you’ve had dramatic life circumstances that make it prudent to make your living situation safer?

The first step is to talk to your Boston locksmith.  Making sure that all the entrances to your home can lock safely and securely is a simple step to help keep you and your family safer.  Don’t rely on the locks that came with your home. In our area, older homes often have inadequate locks. Upgrading to more secure locks can keep you safer.

Another option to consider is having a home security system installed.  When you’re shopping for a home security system in Boston, you’ll discover you have several options.  Talk with your Boston locksmith about your needs, and what security systems will best work with your home, your lifestyle, and your budget. The peace of mind is totally worth it!

At the end of the day. we’re all in the same boat as Ms. Bjornsdottir.  No one can promise that we’ll be perfectly safe from those who wish to do us harm. However, we can all take reasonable, prudent steps that keep our families much safer.  It all starts with your Boston locksmith!

Boston Residential Security: In Case of Storm

Home Security After Natural Disasters: What You Need To Know

Hurricane Irene was an unusual event for our region. We live far from the tropics where high winds, driving rain, and intense localized flooding are regular events. The storm forced massive evacuations: the streets of NYC were emptied by gubernatorial order for the first time ever.

How do you know your home is as secure as possible when you’re forced to be away? That’s a good question. This month, we’re going to be looking at some basic home security steps you can take in case weather forces you to be away from your home. Hurricanes aren’t common, but in the Northeast, we have more than our fair share of blizzards!

Business owners have reason to be particularly concerned. There are always people who use extreme weather events as an excuse to indulge in criminal activity. Security camera footage was integral in catching two men accused of looting in Virginia Beach post-Irene. No business is safe: if a thief perceives an opportunity, they’re going to act on it.

Boston Residential Security: Before the Storm

There are two steps every homeowner should take before the next weather event hits our region. The first is to make a complete inventory of your home. Take pictures of your valuables. Record serial numbers. Many people are struggling to complete insurance claims now with incomplete information. Having a thorough record of what you own will make it easier to have those items replaced.

The second is to make sure you have a superior home locking system. The ability to lock your home completely and securely is essential. Don’t rely on simple doorknob locks that you can buy at any discount store: all it takes is a determined thief with a screwdriver to force entry to your home. Modern home locking systems keep criminals out – and provide protection even when the power goes out!

If you are evacuated from your home, make sure to take your most valuable possessions with you. Official documents, including homeowner’s insurance policies, identifying documents such as birth certificates and social security cards, and your banking information are must-bring items. Heirloom jewelry, family photographs, and other small items can be brought with you. The best home safes can serve as a secure repository against flood waters and fire.

Boston Commercial Security: Make Sure Your Business Is Protected

During an extreme weather event you need to control who has access to your business. Master key systems allow the business owner or their designated employee to gain entry to every room: critical when checking for storm damage, rescuing inventory from storm waters, and the like. Restricted key systems make it possible for key holders to access pre-determined areas of the business. Talk with your Boston locksmith about what your options are and what’s right for your business.

Boston Locksmith: Lock Repairs

It may happen that during the course of a storm, the existing locks on your home or business become damaged. This damage can be due to the incredible forces of nature, emergency services personnel forcing entry to rescue people, or random vandalism or criminal activity. Your Boston locksmith can replace damaged locks, re-key existing locks, or install a new home security system to increase your peace of mind after a storm.

Cambridge: Home Security After A Break-In

“When I first came home, my immediate thought was that my wife had left me. The whole place was nearly empty, and what was left was wrecked! But then I noticed the family pictures hanging on the walls, including the only photo we have of my wife’s mother.  That’s when I knew it wasn’t her who’d done all of this!” Guiseppe squeezed his wife Rosa’s shoulders.  “Twenty-six years we’ve had this house.  And never anything like this.”

Rosa smiled at her husband. “At least you’ve still got me, baby!”

“That’s true,” he said.  “But I would have liked to have you and the tv!”

After A Break-In

After a break-in, your family may experience a range of emotions.  Older couples, like Guiseppe and Rosa, often report feelings of both fear and frustration.  “I worry about Guiseppe,” Rosa said. “He never was a good sleeper anyway, but now – any noise, he’s out of bed with his flashlight. I ask him, what are you going to do – knock a robber in the head with the flashlight? He says, if I have to. What are you gonna do with a man like that, I ask you?”

While that’s a question no one can answer, your Cambridge locksmith has several recommendations to help reduce the fear and frustration families commonly experience after a break-in.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

Begin by having a family conversation.  It’s important for everyone, especially younger family members, to be able to talk about what happened, what that means for the family, and most importantly, what will happen to keep the family safe now. You have a right to feel safe and secure in your home.  It takes time to work through the emotional violation of a break-in.  Be patient with yourself.  Talking with a family member, counselor, or friend can help make the recovery process easier.

Be Proactive about Home Security

Once you’ve had a break-in, your awareness of home security goes way up.  Talk with your Cambridge locksmith about the best way to secure your residence.  Every home can be made safer, whether that means installing locks on doors, securing windows, or installing home security systems. Taking action makes it more difficult for criminals to break into your home, and it will make your family feel safer.

“I know it made Rosa calm down a little bit when we had the home security system installed,” Guiseppe said. “She’s always been excitable, you know?  The burglar alarm helps.”

Call Your Cambridge Locksmith

Home security is not a do it yourself job.  You want a professional locksmith who can do a superior job installing locks and home security systems.  Call your Cambridge locksmith. They’ll help you determine what best meets your home security needs and get you safe and secure once again!

Revere: Protecting Your Family From Home Invasion

The world has been transfixed this week, watching in horrified sympathy as Dr. William Petit was once again forced to face in open court the men responsible for the death of Petit’s wife and two daughters. One man, Stephen Hayes, has already been convicted in the 2007 Connecticut crime.  The second man,Joshua Komisarjevsky, is currently on trial for his role in the killing.

Watching Dr. Petit relive the horrible events of that day is heartwrenching. No one, anywhere, would want to be in his shoes.  This poor man has lost everything. It is impossible to watch this man’s suffering without thinking, “What would I do if it was me? Are we safe from home invasion?”

What can we do to keep our families safe from home invasion? Crime experts tell us that while there’s absolutely no way to prevent all criminal activity, there are proactive steps that families can take to reduce the risk of home invasion. Home invasions are different from regular robberies because a home invader will choose to strike when he knows the family is home.  Home invasions are more violent crimes, and criminals leverage the threat of that violence to increase the amount of money and valuables they collect from their victims.

Revere Home Security Systems

One of the top ten home invasion prevention tips from is:

Get a good home alarm montoring system and have prominently displayed home alarm system decals on your doors and windows. This might be enough to deter those looking for a random mark.

If you do not have a home security system in your home, now is the time to talk to your Revere locksmith about having a home security system installed. Home security systems are especially important if you live in an isolated part of town: these are are areas that home invaders frequent most!

Quincy: Is it “Over-Reacting” to take Home Security Seriously?

This article, entitled “A Message to Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy”“is receiving lots of attention on the internet today.  In it, the author discusses the technique of Gaslighting, in which one person trivializes or minimizes another person’s concerns in order to exert an unhealthy level of control in the relationship.

It does not feel good to have your concerns minimized or dismissed by another person.  Being told you’re crazy for having those thoughts and feelings doesn’t make the situation any better.  One area where people are routinely told they’re over-reacting or panicking without cause is the area of home security.

There are many legitimate reasons why a person may want to take pro-active steps to provide for their Quincy home security.  The economy is tough, and crime rates are going up. It is both sensible and prudent to want to defend what you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Thieves are opportunistic: they’ll engage in criminal activity when and where it’s most likely that they’ll get away with it without consequences. Having a home security system installed in Quincy reduces the likelihood that their criminal activity goes unnoticed.

It is important to remember that men and women perceive things differently.  The behavior of a group of teenage boys, for example, can be seen as nothing more than high-spirited nonsense by a man and intensely threatening to a woman. It is not over-reacting for that woman to take steps so she feels safe and secure within her own home.  Gavin de Becker in his groundbreaking work, “The Gift of Fear”, tells us that we have instincts for a reason.  Listening to those feelings that tell us we’re uneasy, nervous, or fearful is the first step in keeping ourselves safe.

Your Quincy locksmith can install new door locks, making your home more secure.  Installing a home security system is another reasonable way to help increase your sense of personal safety and security in your home.  Don’t let anyone minimize or dismiss your concerns.  You have a right to feel safe in your own home!