Jamb Jackets for Security

When’s the last time you took a good look at the state of your door jambs? If you haven’t paid them much attention recently, take a second on your way out and give it a peek.

Chances are that if you haven’t recently had new doors and jambs installed, they’re looking pretty haggard. If you do notice that they’re a bit worse for wear, consider installing a jamb jacket to provide a higher level of security to your home and office doorways.

At Risk Doors

Wooden doors weaken and become damaged more easily than most other materials. Constant use and weather may cause the wood to soften, splinter or deteriorate, making your doors less secure. Look at the door jamb. If it appears to be worn down or pieces easily splinter off then you need to address the issue sooner rather than later.

Even if your doors are made of another, less soft material, the door jambs will need reinforcing at some point in time. Aluminum and other metals may become dented preventing the door from properly latching.

Concerns with Reinforcing Door Jambs

Often times, people leave their crumbling door jambs as they are because they’re under the impression they’ll need to do a rip and replace of the entire door set or frame to fix the issue. Fortunately, jamb jackets are the perfect solution for someone with this concern. The jamb jacket is installed over the existing door jamb so there’s no need to replace anything.

Another concern is that the jamb jacket will interfere with aesthetics. In actuality, if appearance is something you’re concerned with, jamb jackets can help! They create a smooth, clean surface and are available in a few color options.

Installation can also seem too complicated for the everyday homeowner. If ease of installation is a barrier for you, contacting a professional locksmith to pop one in is a safe bet. Realistically, any time you’re installing new hardware on your doors you’ll want to get a professional to take on the project with you. You can never be too careful when it comes to securing your home or business.

Benefits of Jamb Jackets

The primary benefit of installing a jamb jacket is added security. If your door jambs are weakened from overuse and deterioration, a burglar can easily kick in the door and gain access to your home or business. Even if you’ve installed the most sophisticated high grade lock you could find, a weak door jamb will never hold up to brute force. The disappointing part is that it could have all been easily prevented if properly addressed.

A side benefit is that they truly do streamline the look of your doorway. Also, if you’ve got little ones running around, you could mitigate the risk of some nasty injuries from splintering wood or sharp metal projections.

Talk to your local Boston area locksmith if you see some signs of wear in your door jambs. They’ll be able to make recommendations and help with your new jamb jacket installation.

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