How To Secure Your Garage Or Shed

Areas, like a garage or a shed, that aren’t really at the heart of our homes sometimes get neglected in the security department. Which, is strange considering that you’ve probably got some pretty valuable items stored in them: tools, cars, sporting equipment, etc.

Regardless of the reasons these areas of our home may be overlooked, if you realize that you’ve got a poor system for securing your garage or shed, read on for some helpful tips.

Lock Exterior Doors

First and foremost, lock up exterior doors! Any doors leading to the outside should be treated the same way you’d treat your front door. Install a deadbolt on these doors that is good for houses.

Sheds, however, may not have sturdy enough doors for such a lock. If this is the case, place a traditional lock and key, like you would in a public storage unit, on your shed. There are different grades of locks, so make sure to pick one that’s good for what you’re trying to protect. Be sure that the screws in the locks hardware go in at least 1.5 inches to make them harder to kick in. 

Install Security Lighting

Make sure that there are lights around all entrances of your home – which we’ve established includes your garage and shed. Well-lit areas are less likely to be broken into. Motion sensor lights are even better as they can startle away perpetrators. 

Provide Window Coverage

Being able to look into your shed or garage just provides more incentive to burglars. If they can see valuables just behind the door it’ll make the job that much more enticing. One standard tip in making your home more secure is keeping valuables out of sight. This includes covering windows with curtains, installing frosted or security glass, and reinforcing windows. 

Use a Security System

If you’re already utilizing a home security system in the main part of your home, it’s a no-brainer to extend it to other parts of your home. Check with your provider whether or not you can place security system components in areas that aren’t attached to the main house. So, if all else fails and someone actually ends up breaking in, at least it will sound the alarm and hopefully shew them away before they do any real damage. 

Organize with Safety in Mind

Organizing your shed and garage with safety in mind is one more huge deterrent for burglars. Use storage systems with locks to make items that much more difficult to take off with. Also, store dangerous tools like chainsaws, bolt cutters or crowbars out of sight. Keeping ladders out of reach is another safety precaution. If a burglar were to get their hands on one they’d have a better chance of entering your home through top floors our high windows. 

Other Garage and Shed Precautions

  • Don’t leave garage remotes attached to car visors
  • Keep your garage and shed doors shut even when at home
  • Secure doors leading from the garage into the home as secure as you would your main entries
  • Trim bushes and shrubs around the home trimmed
  • Join neighborhood watch organizations

The steps outlined here are simple to adhere to and potentially damaging if ignored. Take these precautions in your own home and lower your risk of being burglarized. 

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