How Do Electric Strike Locks Work?

Securing the entrances to your commercial property doesn’t necessarily mean setting up some high-tech video surveillance system complete and attack dogs. While a high-tech system might be tempting, it’s a lot easier to install the electric strike lock intercomright kind of locks for your business instead. 

Equipping your property with high quality doors and commercial locking systems can provide both added security and control over the access points in your commercial building. One particular locking system that many Boston business use is the electric strike lock.

What are Electric Strike Locks?

Electric strike locks are electromechanical door locking mechanisms. These locks enable you to release the locked latch or bolt on a given door from the outside (using a key card, key pad, or other electronic access key). Electricc strike locks also open from the inside by pressing a panic bar or other manual release device.

Electric strike locks works by replacing the standard strike (the metal plate with a hole in it that’s in the door frame) with an energized strike in which one side is cut out and replaced with a hinged piece of metal. When activated, the piece of metal swings like a saloon door and opens the entrance.

Electric strike locks remain locked from the outside at all times. With this type of lock, the door closes behind you and automatically fastens in a locked position.

Commercial Uses of Electric Strike Locks

An electric strike lock should be used on any door in which foot traffic needs to be carefully controlled or monitored. Electric strike locks are perfect for high security commercial businesses like jewelry stores, banks, and treasury buildings.

Since the door remains locked and may only be accessed by electronic key access, you’re able to regulate employee admittance which helps prevent employee theft, secure your building from unwanted visitors, and safeguard personal property and business assets.

If you’re in the business of selling high value product, an electric strike lock would be a viable option for all doors including the main customer entrance. Another benefit of electric strike locks is that intercom systems may be installed. This enables you to screen visitors and allow you to open the door from inside of the building or at a reception desk. Law firms, financial firms, jewelry stores or any kind of high end retailer would be a candidate for this type of commercial lock.

Professional Installation

Electric strike locks aren’t the type of locks that you can or should install on your own. When installing an electric strike lock, choose a licensed professional with experience in installing electric strike systems.

If you’re looking for an electric strike locksmith in Boston, we have experience installing electric strike locks for commercial businesses and high end retail locations in downtown Boston. So, if you operate out of a brick and mortar ocation, don’t rely on traditional lock and key systems. You’ve worked hard to establish your business and it’s up to you to protect it.

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