Hands-Free Door Kits for Boston Businesses

Certain places of business can benefit from a hands-free door kit, especially those which handle sensitive materials or cater to people who will have their hands full.

Employees who come into contact with harmful substances or who have their hands occupied may find it difficult to move around a building outfitted with traditional hardware kits. In this post we’ll go over how hands-free doors work and the best uses for them in Boston.

What is a hands-free door?

A hands-free door is exactly what it sounds like. I door which operates without having to physically touch it. Generally, these doors are operated using a ‘wave to open’ sensor, like on automatic doors, to activate doors without coming into physical contact with anything in the process. This goes a long way in preventing the transmission of substances which should be handled with care.

Best places to install

Hands-free mechanisms should be used around any area where you’re going to have people entering or exiting who cannot use their hands. Hands-free mechanisms are also good for helping prevent people from coming into accidental contact with something that may harm them such as healthcare professionals and hospitals or people who work in laboratories. Aside from installing in rooms where employees are handling dangerous elements, nurses caring for elderly patients or babies who keep their hands full can move through doorways with ease.

Are hands-free door kits useful for any type of business?

Yes! Every business could use a hands-free door kit in the one place no one wants to touch anything or if you have a business where people are carrying things. Examples of good businesses for hands-free door kits include shipping locations, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, physician offices and warehouses. Laboratories, medical facilities or any other business in which people are handling potentially dangerous materials should consider installing hands-free door kits. Warehouse workers would also find value in using hands-free door kits. Constantly having full hands and pushing around dollies stacked sky high with boxes can make it incredibly difficult to get through a doorway without third party assistance. A hands-free door would come in handy in this scenario.

What comes in a hands-free door kit?

Hands-free kits are power operated which means your best bet is to hire a professional to install. The kit requires the wave-to-open sensor and the physical mechanism which opens and closes the door. Several variations are available depending on the type of lock installed on the door (mortise, cylindrical, etc) so be sure to procure the version most suitable for the door it’s being installed on.

If you’re interested in a hands-free door kit, contact Kenny’s Lock for a professional opinion and installation assistance!

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