Grades of Locks for Exterior Doors

grades of locks for exterior doorsAt first glance, most of us can tell the difference between knobs that are for indoor or outdoor use. But, when it comes to deciphering the best lock, particularly for exterior use, we may not have such an expert eye.
Luckily for those who are not expert locksmiths, ANSI, or the American National Standards Institute, is able to help in this department.

The ANSI is a private non-profit organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel. They’re a very versatile organization and have even created a grading system focusing on quality and durability of deadbolts and locksets. The categories on which the locks are graded are cycles (number of times used), door strikes (basically hits with a hammer) and weight testing. These were not the only elements tested, but they’re most relevant for the novice lock purchaser. Here are the various grades of locks and their descriptions to help you make the best decision when choosing an exterior lock for your home or business. 

Grade 1

This is the highest grade of lock on the list. With doorknobs able to Withstand 800,000 cycles and 6 door strikes with a 360lb weight capacity this is a heavy duty knob fit for any exterior door. This grade normally comes with a heftier price tag which may exclude certain residential shoppers, but if you want the best quality, Grade 1 is what you’re looking for. The grade 1 deadbolt is characterized by being able to handle 250,000 cycles and 10 strikes. These locks are good for any commercial business in Boston.

Grade 2

While this grade of lockset is suitable for apartment buildings and general residential use, it may not be the best choice for a commercial building. With the knob holding strong for 400,000 cycles, 4 strikes, and 250lbs and the deadbolt able to take 150,000 cycles and 5 strikes, this would be a smart choice for your home.

Grade 3

Although locksets receiving a grade 3 from ANSI are the lowest on the totem pole, that doesn’t mean that they’re pieces of junk. Most commonly used in apartment buildings, grade 3 locksets are not recommended for main entry doors. Door knobs in this grade can withstand 200,000 cycles, 2 strikes, and 150 lbs with the deadbolt clocking in at 100,000 cycles and 2 strikes. These locks pretty good quality especially for the bargain shopper but you may consider changing your locks if you wish to make your home more secure. 

If you purchase a lockset that does not have an ANSI rating, there’s no guarantee how well it will perform under stress. These ratings exist for a reason, to ensure that the interior of your building or home is kept safe and secure. Before purchasing a new lockset, verify with the manufacturer that their products are ran through the ANSI filter and if not, shop somewhere else!

Have questions about the security of your lockset or interested in changing your locks to a more secure grade? Contact Kenny’s Lock for all of your Boston locksmith needs!

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